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Welcome to myGenie Website!
We develop Windows based software applications that are useful for commmon people.
Software that we provide are speech enabled (Text-to-Speech), user friendly and easy to use.

Our software products automates daily repetative tasks such as credit card payments, financial stock monitoring, weather monitoring and alerting, birthday/anniversary reminders, finding english language word definition and relieves users from such tedious manual work.

Most of our softwares are absolutely free.
So, take your time and review the list of products we offer. We have just launched the website so all the products are still not listed here. Visit us frequently as we will be adding new product every week.
If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact us.
New Product Announcement:
mySpellingGenie 1.0
English Dictionary Software for Learning Spellings.

mySpellingGenie is easy, fun and intuitive way to learn spellings, synonyms, pronuciation and word definition. The software is useful for kids in school and students preparing for SAT exam and Splling Bee contest such as Scripps National Spelling Bee, NSF Spelling Bee and other.

About Us


We Develop Custom Software Applications As Well!

Besides small software applications for common people, we also develop custom software applications for small businesses.

For one of the legal firm in NY, we are developing custom software application to keep track of various legal cases. The application allows attorney to enter their legal case details such as car accident, DUI case, divorce case and so on. The software then provides status notifications and calendar reminders.

With minor modifications, same application can be used for other small industry such as web hosting & domain name registration, travel and tourism, medical laboratories, finance and CPA firm where requirement is to track status update.

If you have any custom software development requirement then feel free to submit details to us using our Support form.
We can provide you cost estimate for developing software free of cost.


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